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a room of my own

Mya Scarlet
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Hello, this is my creative journal. I vid and write fic, and also make the odd icon and wallpaper. My fandom is Star Wars, because... well I haven't moved on to anything else yet. Maybe I never will.

Hope you enjoy what you find here, comments/concrit are always welcome!



"We know that imagination is about making things up. About pretending. About creating worlds, pictures, situations and characters all out of our head.

Everything we know is wrong.

It is fantasy that makes things up and fantasy is quite another thing. Imagination is the ability to enter someone else’s mind. To penetrate another’s experience. To feel what another feels: to see the world as they see it, to suffer their pain, participate in their sins and in their triumphs, loves, fears and hopes. Imagination is a product of memory and sympathy."
-Stephen Fry

Warning: This journal contains adult material, het and slash, and occasional bouts of fangirl squee. Sorry.
Disclaimer: George Lucas owns Obi-Wan and the GFFA, I'm just borrowing them for my own amusement.

Personal journal with old graphics and vids here: mya_scarlet
Find me on ff.net here and here